How to set up BUTT

Butt is a simple IceCast v1/ShoutCast v1 compatible tool that takes one audio stream of your soundcard and relays it directly to the server. When properly set up all you have to do is run Butt then just play the music in an audio player or speak into your microphone without needing any extra interaction with the streaming software.

Download BUTT Here

This is butt's main window. Click on "Settings".


This is the window that will appear.
Firstly, you have to set up the server info. Click the "ADD" button under the section "Server".
To find the required information go to the email from the station Admin.


So, you have to fill in the blanks with this information.
The first thing you should do is to select IceCast.
In the section "Name" you can write whatever you want.
In the section "Address" you have to write the IP address which is at "Host" of your Broadcast link.
Do the same for "Port", "Password" and "Mountpoint" .
Finally click "ADD".
Now, select the server you just added.

Next, go to Audio settings.


In the section "Channel" select "stereo".
In the section "Codec" select "MP3".
In the section "bitrate" select 128k.

Save the changes.


Go again to the main window of butt.
To start streaming click the play button.
This is butt successfully relaying audio to


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