Alexa Radio

How To Tune Into Drumbase space

Alexa radio can be your new radio!
Your Echo speaker can be your radio too!

Alexa radio available content
You should be able to access practically any radio station in the world.

How to use Alexa as your radio
There’s a chance that Alexa will be able to play the station you want to listen to without any set-up. Try saying “Alexa, play drumbase space.”

If you’re trying to listen to a super local or niche radio station, the Alexa command above might not work. Try playing the station using the myTuner Radio Alexa skill. This skill provides access to 50,000+ free radio stations from over 200 countries. Just say “Alexa, ask myTuner Radio to play [insert name of your favorite station].”

Enable the myTuner Radio skill by following the set-up instructions below.

myTuner Radio Set-up
Set-up time: 30 seconds or less

To enable the myTuner Radio Alexa skill, tap/click here and then tap/click the Enable button.

You can also follow these 7 steps…

Open your Alexa app
Tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner
Tap Skills & Games
Tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner
Type “myTuner Radio” in the search field and tap the Search button the keyboard
Tap myTuner Radio from the results
Tap the Enable To Use button

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