EZ gang, sorry for the late upload...

Here's the newest mix featuring about 40 freebies fresh from my SC.
I'm back with all new gear (a Denon MCX8000) my mic works, as well as all four decks - so get ready for some serious sounds, peeps!
I ran Serato for the first time and not sure how the playlist works, so I don't really have a tracklist for this... :/
May switch back to VDJ as it seems to be the route for my broadcasts.
We'll see.
Find all the chuna @ https://soundcloud.com/detroitraver - currently in my reposts, will add the rest to the playlist tomorrow 😀

Big tunes today.
Check 'em out.

Dig the new page updates and peep the new Android app:


Have a tune you want featured in the show or interested in a show of your own?
DM me and we'll sort you out!


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