Ok gang, so here's my first at bat in over a month... life has been keeping me busier than I'd like regrettably leaving me with less time than I'd like for tunes.

Nevertheless, here's a 2 hour, 50 freebie free-tune fresh one that I hope you enjoy!

I included the soundcloud playlist link with about 43 or so of them there...

The rest you'll just have to follow my friends at Mathematica records and join their promo mailer!
Shout to Exodus records for one hell of a free Jungle LP, Circa Sounds, and all the other labels and artists who made this blend possible by making their music free!

Join us @ https://drumbase.space
Or listen ad-free any time @ https://tinyurl.com/drumbaseradio
Big up all crew, more tunes on a steady basis coming your way.

Shot from the cap'n

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