EZ gang!

Just wanted to drop the latest installment of my free-tune podcast on ya. This one’s got some non-free material but you’ll be pleased to know they will be dropping soon on a label near you. Shouts to the men like Funkware and Marcus Tee for firing over their latest pre-releases (’nuff <3 boyzies). Otherwise there's 19 free tracks up for grabs here. Follow my Soundcloud for all the Links: https://soundcloud.com/detroitraver And register at https://drumbase.space and give us some feedback on our new look! Favorite us on TuneIn Radio: https://tinyurl.com/dbstunein Big up all producer crew who keep making this my favorite way to spend a weekend! I couldn't do this without your generosity, so this is my salute to you. Thank you from the bottom of my little ravin' heart. Also shouts to all the Detroit junglist crew who made it out for the Mrs Magoo show, you fuckers are the tits 😀 (This is a stickup) - DR

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