Big up everyone!
Sorry for the late post as I know Sunday was a couple days ago but it’s been a rough week so far…
Nevertheless, here’s the show from the 8th. A couple mistakes, but just proves it’s live 😛

I was pretty happy with how this turned out and would like to give a special thanks to the homies goddard., Pardeeboi, Miss Guided, Foks, Fhatt, Tez, Phil, Altex, Sam Harris and Abstract Illusion for their dope tracks.

As usual the entire 30 or so of these are free, so grab ’em while you can – and share if you do!

Grab your Tracks:

Listen to DBS:

Big changes are coming to the site including some hosting changes, a new juke setup and some new features that should streamline not only page security but enhance the overall online experience for all Troopers.

Check it out as we work, your feedback is greatly appreciated:

-Art by Fleks; Taipei, Taiwan

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