Alright everyone, here’s this week’s extended edition of The Drum Circle.

Just to warn you – there’s a serious issue with the mix somewhere near Insiderz – Assassination, as the track I opened in soundcloud started playing in it’s own window during the mix… Had my monitors down as the missus was asleep. I edited it somewhat, but it may be best just to skip through 1:07:50-1:09:40.

Big up to all the producers who continue to make the show possible. Out to the Beat Spectrum crew for sending over the new Rollyax EP, due out 6th of this month… To Funkware as always with the new Kiss EP dropping in finer retailers everywhere 9/9… Out to the homies Swindla, Viju, Tarz and Coercive with big tunes this show as well!

This one is a bit of a roller-coaster, starting off easy into the heavier bits and gear-shifting back into some more melodic biz before the end… All in all, I hope you enjoy the vibes. <3 'Nuff Love from all of us in Space. -DR

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