Okay, Troopers –

I’m finally caught up with podcasts! Whew.
Now I’ll be focusing on timestamping the previous shows from July, but today’s will have the full listing and stamp.
Big showing here from Onyx Recordings, Hanzom Records, Rebel Music HQ, Pure Greeze Audio and more!
Sounds from producers like Sensus, Frazer, Iskia, Disrupta, Zetta Paranoid, D Fuser, Bons, Canista, Supa Ape – the list goes on and on…

Today’s mix felt really good – as it was definitely on the dark side… heavy harmonics and some bangin’ choonz from all parties involved. Share if you’re feelin’ it, Troopers!

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Big <3 from Space,
– DR (The Cap’n)

Big up all crew!

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