So this is me just having a bit of fun the other day. I didn’t play my usual show time and felt a little guilty I hadn’t put together a bunch of freeness like usual. However, I was pleased to find a heap of bootlegs in my mail from Phibes on this same day… So, this is the end result. It think it turned out aite…

I really hope you’ll take the time to enjoy my selection as this is all off-the-cuff. Some of these are free, some are not… so if you’re lookin’ for a DL, just hit me up. I’ll be adding my most recent show chock-full of freebies soon as well. So BOTL for that one, folks.

Big up for your support everyone, ’nuff <3 from the Cap'n. Oh and the bathroom is almost done! 😀 Register and Join the Orbital Underground: Favorite Us or TuneIn any time: More info to follow, Troopers. Big up the Phibes and all who made the show possible!

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